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Side projects

Yum Index

Yum Index is a series of data-focused food-rating journals that allow you to rate and compare foods based on your personal preferences. Each journal focuses on a specific food type and a weighted index scheme defined by your own criteria. Yum Index represents a passion for food and data shared by Maria Adelmann and me, and also draws on my background in monitoring & evaluation. We have released three books—Pizza Metrics, Donut Metrics, and Ice Cream Metrics—which can be purchased from our Etsy shop or Amazon.

Saint La Croix

I drink a lot of seltzer, which inspired me to upcycle seltzer cans into candles. Each candle is soy wax and scented to match the can flavor. My candles have been featured on POPSUGAR here, here, and here. You can access my Etsy shop here. I don't frequently restock my Etsy shop because I'm too busy, but I sell my candles at Portage Bay Goods in Seattle.

Great PANdemic Bake Off

I launched Great PANdemic Bake Off in April 2020 as an online collaborative exercise to improve one's baking skills in a supportive environment. Every week I assigned a new baking challenge and shared submissions on a public Instagram account @greatPANdemicbakeoff. Between April and September 2020 (26 weeks of challenges), 95 people signed up to participate and shared 423 submissions. Currently in hiatus.

La Croix Upcycle Candles.JPG
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