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Last month, Maria Adelmann and I released Pizza Metrics.

Pizza Metrics is the first of a series of data-focused food-rating journals by Yum Index that allows users to rate and compare foods based on your personal preferences. Pizza Metrics guides users through systematically quantifying, tracking, and comparing experiences with 52 pizzas based on a weighted index scheme.

It's a pizza M&E journal.

The book is a secret math workout for kids and a sobering validation of dwindling math skills for adults. Extra goodies in the book include pizza-related activities (for when you’re waiting for your pies) and data visualization exercises. The book is available on our Etsy store or at Atomic Books in Baltimore.

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I wrote another post for the Data Visualization Society (DVS)'s Medium Nightingale entitled Data Visualization for Audiences in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, which summarizes a related discussion I moderated in June 2019 on the DVS Slack. The discussion was interesting and helpful to hear about others' experiences. I really like this quote, which I think is important to keep in mind.

One guiding principle I have is that the graphic is only as useful as the audience finds it. This principle has two implications: 1) that feedback and revision is essential in the process of making an effective graphic and 2) that audience understanding/acceptance should have greater weight in making decisions than design preferences.”

The article was a Medium selected read for Data Science.

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