About Me

I believe that global health program evaluation, innovative technologies, and policies can all be enhanced with human-centered design approaches.

Tricia Aung
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Cody in California
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I'm currently a faculty member and Research Associate in the Department of International Health at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and a PhD student in Human Centered Design & Engineering at University of Washington. I support evaluations of global health programs at scale and better use of global health data. 

I help translate technical findings to promote evidence-based programs and policies. I research evidence-based applications of data visualization to communicate findings and influence policy in low- and middle-income audiences. I develop curriculum and teach how to optimize data visualizations for global health audiences. I have trained over 400 individuals in visualizing global health data.

In my spare time, I juggle several creative side hustles. I previously was a semi-successful* lifestyle blogger and interviewed creatives (designers, entrepreneurs, etc.) on their current obsessions. I run an Etsy shop, where I sell handmade candles to seltzer admirers (and those trying to woo seltzer admirers). In 2018 I founded Yum Index with a friend, and we are releasing a series of data-centric food journals. We published our first book, Pizza Metrics, in September 2019 and second book, Donut Metrics, in June 2021. I enjoy baking enough to start a pun-y COVID-19 online baking group called Great Pandemic Bake Off.

Originally from Illinois, I live in Baltimore with my dog Cody. Cody has the body of a corgi and the fur of a sheltie. However, he is neither a corgi or a sheltie. Cody is a true super mutt.

*defined by getting free stuff