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Recent activities

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Baltimore summers generally involve me scurrying between air conditioned locales. In the spirit of my own proclivity for efficiency, I've been maximizing my free time the following ways.

Cody During Peloton Rides

1. I've reached 150 Peloton cycling classes under Cody's watchful eye. I expect my trends will change now that Peloton offers more 30 minute classes, which make 45 minute classes seem more "insurmountable" after a long work day, and more Rock classes available.

2. I wrote a post for the Data Visualization Society Medium, the Global Health Dashboard Epidemic, which was a Medium selected read for Data Science and Health.

3. You can get my candles at Trohv in Baltimore (in addition to Etsy).

4. I'm releasing a pizza themed journal with my friend Maria Adelmann! PIZZA METRICS is the first in a series of data-focused food-rating journals from Yum Index that allow you to rate and compare foods based on your personal preferences. Oh and we created Yum Index too! The book will be out August 2019!


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